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Auction Process:

Simple, Streamlined and Stressfree


In 2015, Dream Team Properties began a partnership with Graystone Auctions.  Together they would reinvent the Senior Downsizing industry with the KISS Home Solution.  KISS (Keeping it Simple for Seniors) Home Solution helps seniors downsize in a simple, streamlined and stress-free process.  

Aside from valuing and selling any unwanted personal property and real estate, we coordinate the movers to get you packed and unpacked, plus we get your old home ready to hand to the new buyers.  

Whether you are a senior looking to downsize, or a homeowner who has to sell their home in a pinch (relocation, divorce, probate, balloon payment, etc…), we can help you sell your home while meeting any timeline.  

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If you, your family member or a friend have any questions about our auction program, please reach out to us so we can schedule a free consultation.  


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Why use the Auction to Sell your home?

  • There’s no ceiling in a competitive market-  Auctions create competition.  Both investors and end-users are attracted to auctions that help drive up the price.  All it takes is for a few interested and motivated bidders to create an emotional attachment and the sky’s the limit.
  • Get all the bidders in 1 room– No more agents holding out for double-end deals.  When you get all the bidders in the same room, emotions (and egos) take over.  Transparency is there for everyone to see and no one wants to miss out on purchasing their next home for just a few thousand more.  
  • Scheduled date of sale/ No Unknowns – Clients can plan their lives accordingly.  No lockboxes or random visits from agents, no wondering when the home will sell and no worries through the escrow process.  You can budget accordingly and plan your next move with certainty. 
  • Save money- No chasing the market down.  If the market is dropping 5% per month and you are dropping your price 3%, you will never catch up to the market and could lose 10’s of thousands of dollars by the time you sell.  With the auction process, you can avoid the lag and ensure the home sells at its true current value.  
  • Agents Welcome –   We work with buyer agents (and pay the commissions) and encourage them to bring their interested clients to the auction.  This allows us to cast the biggest possible net to create the greatest interest in the home.  


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