Trust Our Team To Help You Achieve Your Goals:

When you’re looking for a new home, it can seem like there is a world of opportunities – too many to choose from! These listings cover some properties that are similar to many others we have available.

Are you looking for an inexpensive cottage to rent for additional income? A duplex to keep a closer eye on elderly relatives? A picture-perfect subdivision home? We can find the perfect home for you.

At Dream Team Properties, we match you to the perfect home, not the one we’re trying to sell.

Home Buyers and Home Sellers

Get More For Your Money

For home buyers, we work diligently in finding you the perfect home for your family’s needs.  By really understanding your needs and wants, we leave no stone unturned.  We work to negotiate the best price and terms right up until the day escrow closes.

For home sellers, we aggressively market your home to get results today.  From our initial consultation, we will discuss your personalized strategy to get your home sold for the highest price possible.  

Distressed Properties

Looking For a Smoking Deal Or To Get Out From Underwater

Prospective homebuyers are always looking for a bargain price but, typically, when a property can be snapped up for a low price there’s a reason.

Most often, a house with a drastically reduced price will be on the market as a short sale because the owners are hoping to avoid a foreclosure or because the property has already undergone foreclosure.

While the price may be enticing, it’s important to understand what you are buying. We use our expertise to guide you through this process to ensure there are no surprises after the close of escrow.  

Investment Opportunities

We Crunch The Numbers For You

Buying and owning real estate is an exciting investment strategy, that can be both satisfying and lucrative. The four chief ways in which investors can make money through real estate are: 1) becoming landlords of rental properties, 2) real estate trading (a.k.a. flipping), 3) real estate investment groups, and 4) real estate investment trusts (REITs).

We search long and hard for the very best deals on (and off) the market.  Whether its a condominium, single-family home or multi-family home, we can help you achieve all of your real estate goals.